Critique from Championship Show 2008

I very much enjoyed judging the Association`s 54th annual championship show. Everything was well arranged, from the set up of the ring, the stewarding, the presentation and handling of the dogs, the hospitality and the welcome and friendliness of the exhibitors which is the same all over the world. Boxer people compete hard, but when it is all over they enjoy themselves! Best of all, however, was the parade of veterans. They ranged from 13 to 7 and how they all enjoyed the richly deserved applause. They made a lovely sight on the day and later in the evening I very much enjoyed reading their potted history given in the catalogue.

Baby puppy dog:
1 Bradshaw`s Kraven Impreziv, well balanced br/w, good neck, shoulders and topline, nice turn of quarters. His head shows promise at nearly 5 months, good eyes and strength in muzzle. Best baby puppy.
2 Crooks` Genex Teddy Bear, r.w, good chin, eyes and ears but needs more strength under the eyes. Pleasing front, legs and feet, nice to see the strength in his thighs.
3 Bleakley and Fry`s Lambda Wish List, stocky 3 months r/w, I admired his good bone, body & rib, splendid hindquarters and nice compact appearance. Needs to fine down a little in front. All three showed promise in different ways.

Baby puppy bitch:
1 Bleakley and Fry`s Lambda Wish Me Well, promising br/w, I felt her head was better than her litter brother`s at this stage, good bone, limbs, body and rib, well coupled, good firm hindquarters.
2 Gray`s Saphyr Churchills Choice, feminine br/w, pleasing head at 3 months, made on nice lines but 1 is better coupled.

Minor puppy dog:
1 Crooks and Munro`s Tyeanbo You So Excite Me, br/w in lovely condition, good body and rib, good over the croup and hindquarters, drove well behind, could be a little better in shoulders, head needs time but very good eyes. Best minor puppy in show.

Puppy dog:
1 Knox and Res` Suromar Mision Impossible, well balanced br/w, pleasing muzzle with good chin and width, nice neck, shoulders, topline and hindquarters.
2 Wakefield`s Kirkgate Double O Seven, r/w in lovely condition, scored in movement going round the ring but still needs to strengthen in forechest and a little in pasterns, typical head and eye, good outline.
3 Crooks and Munro`s Tyeanbo Hesa Sensation, dark br/w, good bone and strength in thighs, only 7 months and needs time to develop in muzzle, his head lacks a little balance at present.

Junior dog:
1 MacMillan and Lawson`s Milmac Ularu, pleasing r/w, good body, rib and front, lovely coat condition, nice head and eyes, well made hindquarters, moved well.
2 Salnitro`s Tonmar That`s A Rap, r/w, not just as well balanced front to rear, nice head but 1 scored in eyes, pleasing muzzle and chin, very good mouth, pleasing bone, body and rib.
3 Bleakley and Fry`s Sakita Smoking Gun, very good body, rib and strength over the loin, good muzzle, eyes and chin. At the moment a little deep in body for his height but he is young and as he comes up on his feet the picture will change.

Intermediate dog:
1 David and Keele`s Ch Kesdar Royal Ascot, handsome, masculine r/w, pleasing head and expression, good neck, shoulders, topline and hindquarters, moved well.
2 Jonsson`s Jetboom Bonfire Night, another pleasing r/w, I liked his head, needs a little more strength in front and second thigh, good bone, well bodied, good rib, loin and croup.
3 Showyin and Lawrence`s Kellynda Mydezn By Storm, neat br/w, well balanced, good neck, shoulders and brisket, nice thighs. Still immature but shows good promise.

Australian bred dog:
1 Salnitro`s Tonmar Just Do It, striking br/w, good head, pleasing neck, shoulders, topline and quarters, full of presence, moving and showing well. Reserve challenge.
2 Tarbolton`s Ch Taratan Tiger On The Beat, I liked his masculinity, very good body and rib, super thighs, in lovely condition. Typical head but could be better in eyes.
3 Gray`s Ch Saphyr Tiger In The Mist, very nice masculie r/w, good muzzle with strength in width and depth, good bone, legs, feet, body and rib. A touch fidgety today.

Open dog:
1 Ashton and Haymes` Ch Talyesin Eye Of Infinity, very good mature r/w with no exaggerations, just right in body and rib, excellent hindquarters, in lovely coat and condition, well balanced head. Dog Challenge.
2 Kennedy`s Ch Taratan Tramp About, very well balanced br/w made on good lines, sensible head with no exaggerations, moved soundly.
3 Ball`s Belmanta Earnedmystripes, I also liked this br/w very much, very alert, full of vitality, moved out well but could be a little stronger in second thigh.

Minor puppy bitch:
1 Macnamara`s Xenmac Mamas Little Angel, quality feminine r/w, good head and expression, pleasing neck, shoulders, front, legs and feet. I really liked this baby and felt she had a promising future, she and her handler just need more experience.
2 Bleakley and Fry`s Lambda Keen To Be Seen, good bodied r/w, really good bone and limbs, nice strong thighs. 1 scored in head and eyes.
3 Showyin and Lawrence`s Kellynda Xtra Xtra Hot, sweet feminine br/w, well grown, nice dark eyes. Very yound and still unco-ordinated on the move.

Puppy bitch:
1 Davis and Keele`s Kesdar Heaven Sent, well grown br/w, good head, pleasing neck, shoulders, front, legs and feet, moved well. Best puppy in show.
2 Brace and Olifent`s Sjecoin Modesty Blaise, well bodied r/w, could be a little better in shoulder but so well bodied and firm with splendid hindquarters, in lovely coat and condition.
3 Ball/Cartledge/Cassidy`s Belmanta First Kiss, shapely br/w who moved well, nice hindquarters. Not just as pleasing in head and eye.

Junior bitch:
1 Bradshaw`s Kraven Sykosis, most promising br/w, pleasing head and eye, good front, legs and feet, moved well making the most of herself. Could carry a little more condition. Best junior in show.
2 Showyin and Lawrence`s Kellynda More Than Special, well bodied r/w, coat in lovely condition, good hindquarters. 1 scored in head and face pigment, can still firm in front movement.
3 Howell and Cooper`s Quo Vadis Belle for Kamahi, nicely made br/w who was not happy today, pleasing head type but too much white.

Intermediate bitch:
1, best intermediate in show and reserve Challenge bitch, Ozstock Kennels` Ch Ozstock Stranraer Lady ...
and 2 Hobday`s Ch Chizack Innuendo, two beautiful br/w bitches, both full of quality, good movers and with pleasing heads and eyes. 1 was a touch better in feet and scored fractionally in profile movement on the day but could have had slightly better defined brindle markings, but that really is nit-picking.
3 Ball/Cartledge/Cassidy`s Belmanta Kiss My Booty, another good br/w who I liked very much, those above had the edge in front movement. Good head and eyes, super temperament.

Australian bred bitch:
1 Bradshaw`s Kraven Charmed, stylish br/w, good neck, shoulders, topline and tailset, pleasing head and eye, nice front, legs and feet.
2 Hobday`s Ch Chizack Fig Jam, well bodied r/w, well made, good bone, excellent topline, very good hindquarters, pleasing head and eye.
3 Crooks and Munro`s Ch Tyeanbo Miss Understood, I liked her very much but she was a little soft all through on the day which showed on the move. Basically well made, good body and rib, well made hindquarters.

Open bitch:
1 Davis and Keele`s Gr Ch Kesdar High Society, beautiful r/w, has quality, substance, soundness and showmanship. Good head and eye, well constructed front, pleasing bone, legs and feet, well bodied, good hindquarters, well conditioned, in great form, moving and showing well. Bitch Challenge and best in show.
2 Wakefield`s Kirkgate Knock Knock, yet another top-class bitch. Pleasing head with good eyes and strength, depth and width in muzzle, good depth of brisket, body and rib, moved well. Could be a little better coupled.
3 Crooks and Munro`s Ch Tyeanbo Miss Demeanor, not just as good in eyes and could be a little stronger over the loin but basically well made and shapely. Good front, legs and feet.